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Sharing with two factor authentication

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 09:07AM CET
ioGates sharing service is made so the receiver do not have to type in a password just press the “view files” in the emails. This is to make it as easy as possible, but if you would like to have more control over how login to your share links then we have made a simple “two factor authentication”. The way it works is that the receiver get the share mails as normal but then when they press the “view files” on the share mail they will be ask to type in a 4 digi code they receive on their cell phone. This way your receivers will need both the email and the 4 digi code from the SMS.

Link to video tutorial

Select the folder that you would like to have to enable factor authentication on.

Select the SMS icon in the bottom of the library

Select the Sharing menu
Drag the person over you would like to share with, if the person you drag over do not have the cell number then ioGates will open a popup menu where you can type it in. Plese just add the contry code without "00" or "+"

The receivers will now receive the mail as they normally do, but when they click on the share mail “View files” then they will be ask to type a 4 digi code they receive on their cell.

The SMS code will change every 1 min.


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