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How to move, copy and delete files in the library

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2013 10:13PM CET
ioGates library is a regular tree structure and work with drag and drop to more files between folder. To create a new folder you find the icon in the bottom on the library

To move a file you select the file and drag it over the folder you would like the file to be moved into, release your mouse bottom when you see the “move” icon.

To copy a file you select the file and hold down the “Ctrl” on the keyboard and move the filer over the folder you would like to copy it into, you will see a “copy” icon when you are ready to release the mouse bottom. The copied file is only a link and do not take double hard disk space. Move and copy folders is done in the same way.

To delete a file or folder.
First select the file/folder
Go to the bottom of the library and presse “Trash” (Not the remove, get to that later)

If you will delete a folder with sub folders, you will be ask twits to confirm to delete the folder.
The remove button is to remove share links for a folder and it sub folders. When you start to share file and folder then you easy end up with many share links. S you can use the remove bottom to clear all share link from a folder and it sub folders, this is a nice a quick way to clean up share links.


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