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Mirror upload and download

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018 11:34AM CEST
If you need to transfer files from one location to another or have multiple upload and download locations you can use the Desktop App. Install the Desktop app on each location, it can be as many as you like, no limit, it is a free option in your ioGates account. Each Desktop app can both be set to both upload and download.

Let’s say we would like to move DIT source files from location back to the cutting room and in the same workflow share the dailies with the production and create a DIT backup.

Create a folder in your ioGates library that will be the DIT folder, where files will be upload too and also download from. We can call it “Summer cuts”
Select the “Summer cut” folder and go to sharing sub menu” create share”
Enable “Allow direct uploading” and “Allow master download” and click all other options off. So, one link can act both as upload and download, the Desktop app will keep track of what files are upload and download so it will not download the files itself have upload.
Set the expire date as you need, in this case I use 1 month.
Give the link a name FX “San Marino location”
Press the “Create link” and after use the “Copy link”

Now you need to open each Desktop app and past the corresponding share link into the Desktop app.

You should now see the share link in the Desktop App and to modify the upload and download paths click the 3 dots.

Click on the “share settings”

Here you can change the download and upload paths and the really cool thing is that each share link has its own download and upload paths. To activate the download, you need to click on the “Auto Download”
Now any file you add to the “Summer cuts” folder in the ioGates cloud account, the original master file will be download by Desktop app. In the next tutorial I will show how to let the Desktop App only download a transcoded files format.


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