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Upload with ioGates proxy specifications

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:49AM CET
You can speed up the workflow if you can create the same proxy specifications as ioGates use. When you then upload your files ioGates will check that you files have the same specifications as ioGates use and the ioGates will then not process the files but display them ASAP in your account.
You have an 1 hour MXF master and all you need is to get the approval from your client, and do not need the MXF master quality, so instead of uploading the large MXF then you can have your local transcoder to create the ioGates proxy preview specification and upload this very much smaller H264. ioGates will not create any proxy preview but display the file ASAP. So even it takes time to create the ioGates proxy, the quicker upload time and missing processing of the proxy preview make this workflow very much faster.

Video specifications
Format: H264
Bit rate: 1.500 Kbps
FPS: Any
CBR/VBR: Any one
With: 1.280 pixels
Height: 720 pixels
Scan type: Progressive

Audio specifications
Format /Info:               Advanced Audio Codec
Bit rate:   192 Kbps
Channels(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate:  48,0 Khz
Maximum bit rate: 1.692 Kbps


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