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Dailies - Direct FTP Upload To ioGates Library

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 12:01PM CET
When distributing dailies you want the files to get to the production team as fast as possible. Using our “FTP Upload” feature it is possible to upload files directly to an ioGates Library folder via FTP or FileCatalyst. If this folder is shared with the team they will instantly see the new files.
With this workflow you process your raw camera files (with the correct LUT) locally and have your transcoder make the FTP/UDP upload direct to a shared production folder in the ioGates Library. As soon as the files is uploaded to ioGates, the production team can view the files. ioGates can even automatically create a new folder for each day and name it the current date.
For thin/unreliable internet connections FTP is not recommended, instead a transfer acceleration tool should be used. ioGates support FileCatalyst uploads and downloads including FileCatalyst Hotfolder. With FileCatalyst Hotfolder every file added to a special local folder will be sent to ioGates using FileCatalyst secure UDP protocol.

Click to see how to set-up the Direct FTP upload.
Click to see how to upload with ioGates proxy specifications


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