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Direct FTP upload to library folders

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2017 11:14AM CET
Direct FTP upload to your ioGates Library is made to speed up the production workflow, especially for sharing feature film dailies. This way you can process your raw camera files with the correct LUT and have your DI software make the FTP upload directly to a shared production folder in ioGates Library. ioGates can also provide a FileCatalyst Hotfolder that you can use to upload your files with UDP protocol. As soon as the files are uploaded to ioGates, the production crew can instantly view the files. ioGates will even automatically create a new folder for each day and name it the current date.
You can also upload your files in the ioGates preview format so there will be no transcoding of you files, this will be the fasted way to get your rushes to the crew. ioGates preview specification are here under the picture.
  1. Select the folder you would like to have Direct FTP upload too.
  2. Click on the "option" icon in the bottom of the library.
  3. Scroll down to FTP upload menu in the right side window.
  4. Enable the Direct FTP upload
  5. Select if you would like ioGates to create a new folder each day.
  6. You can now see the username and password for this folder and the domain is

If you would like to use Filecatalyst upload then please contact then we can set-up the workflow. Also remember that you can use Two Factor Authentication on share links to maximize the security, link to Two Factor Authentication

Link to see Dailies workflow exsample


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